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About CTI

CTI was founded in 2005 with the goal of transforming the way healthcare is delivered and understood. Since then, CTI has grown by more than 1,000 percent with clients across the country and internationally. CTI is a world-wide leader in physician leadership training & development, coaching, thought leadership, consulting and providing innovative solutions to healthcare systems. 100% of CTI’s client-partners recommend us.

About Cameo

Cameo is a pioneer in medical transcription with a highly qualified management team and more than 20 years’ experience. Cameo follows a well-established protocol to ensure business continuity and smoothness from offshore to onshore and maintains strict adherence to HIPAA compliance with a dedicated compliance officer and team.
Cameo provides support to its clients 24/7/365.

Meet the Leaders

Mo Kasti

Founder & CEO

Mo Kasti is a distinguished author, thinker, speaker, strategy advisor and family man. His passion centers around helping executive and clinical leaders elevate their thinking in times of transformation and capitalize on emerging growth opportunities.
When terrains are shifting, and outcomes are uncertain, Mo is uniquely equipped to help leaders think outside the box. He is sought after for his expertise in strategy, innovation, growth, and organizational renewal.

Jawahar Vadivelu

Chairman, Cameo Corportate Services

Jawahar Vadivelu is the Chairman of Cameo Corporate Services Limited, a business process outsourcing firm headquartered in Chennai, and also holds directorships in the following companies, namely National Trust Housing Finance Limited, Navia Markets Limited and Navia Commodities Broker Pvt Limited. He has served as independent director on the board of India’s largest company, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited, and on several of its sub-committees, including its audit committee and policy and planning committee.

Technical Team

Antony Vinoth

Head of Medical Transcription & Virtual Scribing Operations, Cameo


Head of Virtual Medical Scribing, Cameo

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